Celebrating Legacies Built on Innovation

Syngenta is proud to sponsor the 2021 Lawn & Landscape Leadership Awards to celebrate this group of innovative leaders who inspire us through their commitment to their businesses and our industry.

From addressing labor challenges and prioritizing environmental responsibility, to embracing robotic mowers and taking your commitment to health and safety to the next level, you have all found unique ways to identify opportunities for innovation and business growth. And, through your impressive leadership and management skills, you have also fostered strong teams to support that growth.

Through your accomplishments, you’re not only building legacies for your companies; you are creating a brighter future for our industry and we thank you for that.

At Syngenta, we want to help you build that brighter future. We are proud to provide you with products, tools and programs to help you grow your business.

We’ve increased our offerings to provide you with more resources than ever before, including:

Congratulations to the 2021 Lawn & Landscape leadership class! Your dedication to innovation, your businesses and our industry inspires us to be reliable partners for tools, programs and products that can help you succeed. We look forward to growing beside leaders like you for years to come.

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Stephanie Schwenke
Turf Market Manager

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